Unlocking Extra Passive Income Through Garden Suites

Create passive income through garden suites by creating extra income through rentable units. Garden Suites are small-scale, self-contained suites that are built on existing single-family residential lots. These suites can provide homeowners with an extra source of revenue, while also giving renters access to more affordable housing options. For investors, garden suites can be an attractive option for diversifying their portfolio, while homeowners can benefit from the additional revenue on their property without having to take on too much responsibility. In either case, building and renting out garden suites can be a great way to boost your income and enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties. Let’s explore how you can get started with garden suite rentals.

Meaghan Lazenby

Finding Your Property

The first step in creating passive income through garden suites as a rental business is finding the right property. You’ll want to make sure that the property is zoned for residential use and that it meets local laws regarding accessory dwellings. You’ll also need to consider what other amenities are available nearby, such as public transportation, parks, restaurants, etc., as these will all help attract potential renters.

Building The Suite

Once you’ve found the perfect piece of land, it’s time to start constructing the actual garden suite. Depending on your budget and timeline, you may choose to either purchase a pre-built modular unit or build one from scratch. Building from scratch will likely require more time and money upfront but can result in a higher quality product that matches your exact specifications. In either case, you must carefully follow local building codes and regulations when constructing your suite.

Managing Tenants

Once construction is complete, you’ll need to find tenants for your property. This involves advertising your space online or through local newspapers and conducting interviews with potential renters. It also involves establishing clear policies regarding rent payment schedules, maintenance requests, pet rules, etc., so that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities as tenants living in your suite(s). Additionally, it’s important to conduct background checks on all potential tenants before signing any leases or agreements so that you know who is living in your space at all times.    


Creating extra income streams through garden suites can be an excellent option for both investors and homeowners alike! By taking into account zoning regulations, researching nearby amenities and services that could attract tenants, utilizing pre-built modular units or building from scratch depending on budget/timeline requirements; carefully following local building codes; managing tenant relationships; conducting background checks; establishing policies regarding rent payment schedules; maintenance requests; pet rules etc.; people looking for an alternative source of income can easily get started with garden suite rentals! With proper management of the process and resources available these days for research it doesn’t have to be daunting experience! All in all gardens suites offer a great opportunity for those looking make some extra money while diversifying their portfolio or supplementing their household income!

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